Bear with Us!

If you happened to stumble onto this site for whatever reason, bear in mind that this site is currently under development.  There should be new changes weekly, but will take roughly 2 months to complete.  Setting official launch to 12/25/16, OR 12/31/16.  I haven’t decided yet!

WordPress is something new to me.  I’ve always known about the capabilities of blogging, as well as the long term income potential available (kind of an ergonomic retirement plan!).  I will strive to keep advertisements to a minimum and place only relevant links.  However, marketing is not part of the current goals.  Simply looking to achieve an average of 1000 unique visitors a month at this point.

What WILL be on this site is:

Original content based on everything that makes life simplified!  We’re not just talking about an office chair that helps with back pain (although it is an article idea), but for an autonomous lifestyle.  This will include articles in the area of personal finance, technology, productivity, and emotional well-being.

Think of how your day goes when everything happens according to plan…  This is part of the goal we are trying to achieve.  From reviews on everything like budgeting apps, home automation, personal security, health, and even maybe a couple posts regarding news topics or politics.  Even though this site will cover a broad range of topics, I believe it will be possible to stay within a target niche and still provide worthwhile topics.  I promise, once complete it will all make sense.

If you would like to be a part of the process, or even to simply get updates please register for the email newsletter on your right.  At the very least it gives me motive to continue structuring this site and striving towards long term goals.

In addition, feel free to comment below with any article ideas or advice from more experienced bloggers.

Thank you for your support!