Maslow’s hierarchy describes the human’s desire for fulfillment through self-actualization.  We strive for success, wealth, and happiness through an improbable series of goals, achievements, and encouragement.  What is really missing are the “ergonomics” of it all.  A baseball player can catch a ball better if the glove makes a perfect fit.   The best fitting attire can make the first impression, but imagine ergonomics through our daily lives.  How much more production can be achieved with the right workstation, the perfect network setup, correct time management?  Diet and sleep cause great improvements on our energy and time.  What is needed to build them?  Taking a look into all aspects of our lives such as financial management, work ethic, personal health, happiness and relationships we can visualize the need for a better structure using ergonomics.  This site will include a blog of all things related to achieving that goal, and some not so much.

  • “It’s not just about lumbar support”

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